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Malmo Fast Facts
Malmö is a cosmopolitan city and is the third most populous city in Sweden.
Copenhagen Fast Facts
Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark at the beginning of the fifteen century
Helsingborg Fast Facts
Helsingborg Fast Facts
Helsingborg is the seat of Helsingborg Municipality and is a fast growing city in Skåne
Lund Fast Facts
Lund is a city in southern Sweden and is the seat of Lund Municipality. The city
Roskilde Fast Facts
Roskilde is the major city in Roskilde metropolis, Denmark on the land mass
Frederiksberg Fast Facts
Frederiksberg is a Danish town, place of the Frederiksberg Municipality, in the Region


Shopping-MalmoMalmö is a bustling city with a huge number of tourists and an equal number of residents hording the city locations at any given time. The city is popular for the various tourist attractions that it presents as well as the shopping opportunities that come along. Malmö is fabulous for shopping and provides various shops and stores that are conveniently located in the centre of the city and within walking distance from each other.



StortorgetStortorget is a public square locally known as The Big Square in Sweden. The place is located in Gamla Stan in the old part of Stockholm in Sweden. Being the oldest square in the town, it is the historical centre around which the urban collection grew gradually. The public square is one of the most visited places in the city and hosts demonstrations and performances.



Nightlife-MalmoMalmö is a vibrant city and has a pulsating nightlife with trendy nightclubs. The nightclubs in the city are more like a discotheque and are open until 3 or 5 am. The city offers innumerable bars and clubs and is popular for its lively nightlife. Möllevångstorget is a square where most of the things happen in Malmö. Kulturbolaget and Jeriko are some of the places known for live music.

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