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Malmo Fast Facts
Malmö is a cosmopolitan city and is the third most populous city in Sweden.
Copenhagen Fast Facts
Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark at the beginning of the fifteen century
Helsingborg Fast Facts
Helsingborg Fast Facts
Helsingborg is the seat of Helsingborg Municipality and is a fast growing city in Skåne
Lund Fast Facts
Lund is a city in southern Sweden and is the seat of Lund Municipality. The city
Roskilde Fast Facts
Roskilde is the major city in Roskilde metropolis, Denmark on the land mass
Frederiksberg Fast Facts
Frederiksberg is a Danish town, place of the Frederiksberg Municipality, in the Region

Oresund Bridge - Longest Bridge in Europe Connecting Sweden and Denmark

Oresund-BridgeOresund Bridge connects Amager and Oresund with Skane and is also the road connecting the metropolitan areas of Malmö and Copenhagen. Oresund Bridge connects the Danish capital of Copenhagen and the Sweedish city of Malmö, and is the longest road and rail bridge in Europe. The bridge is referred to as Öresundsbron in Sweden and as Øresundsbroen in Denmark. As a compromise between the two languages, it is also known as Øresundsbron.



Eating-MalmoMalmö offers several opportunities to the people visiting the city. Swedes enjoy fine dining and the residents of Malmö take the dining experience quite seriously. The city is home to many restaurants that feature inexpensive eats and also the most exclusive eats from all over the globe.


Turning Torso In Malmo

Turning-Torso-MalmoThe Turning Torso is the major tourist attraction in the city of Malmö. It is a skyscraper located on the Swedish part of the Oresund channel. Designed by the renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, the skyscraper is 190 meters high and has 54 stories. It has been designed to look like a turning human body and thus is called so. It is the tallest building in Scandinavia and the second tallest residential building in Europe. Read more...

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