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Malmo Fast Facts
Malmö is a cosmopolitan city and is the third most populous city in Sweden.
Copenhagen Fast Facts
Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark at the beginning of the fifteen century
Helsingborg Fast Facts
Helsingborg Fast Facts
Helsingborg is the seat of Helsingborg Municipality and is a fast growing city in Skåne
Lund Fast Facts
Lund is a city in southern Sweden and is the seat of Lund Municipality. The city
Roskilde Fast Facts
Roskilde is the major city in Roskilde metropolis, Denmark on the land mass
Frederiksberg Fast Facts
Frederiksberg is a Danish town, place of the Frederiksberg Municipality, in the Region

Royal Danish Playhouse

Royal-Danish-PlayhouseThe Royal Danish Playhouse is situated on the harbor front in central Copenhagen. The Playhouse played a major role in the development of the waterfront into a recreational area that is as famous as the ones in other major cities of the world. The Playhouse acts as a building for the Royal Danish Theatre.



Airports-MalmoMalmö Airport was formerly known as Malmö-Sturup Airport. Located around 28 km from the city and 26 km from Lund, the airport is the fifth busiest airport in Sweden. From central Copenhagen, it is about 55 km via the Oresund Bridge and 47 km from Copenhagen Airport.


Fast Facts

malmo-fast-facts1Malmö is a cosmopolitan city and is the third most populous city in Sweden. The inhabitants of the city speak many different languages.  It is the seat of Malmö Municipality and provides great opportunities for tourism. Find the fast facts of the city below. Read more...

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